[Branding Magazine] Branding 3.0 Delivering a Unified — Not Uniform Customer Experience

October 2, 2014


When you visit a company’s website, social networking pages, mobile website, and online community does everything fit together? Do you feel like your time there is a positive one whether you’re in a brick-and-mortar store or simply checking out the company’s latest Facebook deal? If not, the brand may have to focus on better cultivating customer experience (CX).


CX is a key component—if not the most important—for a company to gain a competitive edge. If customers like the way they perceive the look, feel and functionality of your online identities you’re winning the growing battle to provide good CX.


If not, it could have a huge impact on your brand, as poor customer service can cost American companies approximately $83 billion a year, according to Jack Loechner from Media post.


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