[Amex Open Forum] The $20 Trillion Question: Is Your Brand Capturing the Female Brain?

August 22, 2015


Despite the fact that men and women share 99 percent of the same DNA, “There is no unisex brain,” says M. Louann Brizendine, neuropsychiatrist and author of The Female Brain. This 1 percent difference is of particular interest to scientists because it informs how each gender responds to nuances in language, emotional triggers and perceptions, among other differences. And it’s especially important for brands that depend on messaging to connect with consumers. In the absence of a clear, proven blueprint, many brands default to language and tactics clearly geared to men regardless of their intended audience. As a business owner, ask yourself: is your brand capturing the female brain?


Although women represent a diverse demographic, they display similar consumer behaviors that are rooted in their unique biological make-up. As a result of over 15 years of research with women audiences, our company PixInk has compiled a few guidelines for brands to use as a point of entry into the purchasing psychology of the female consumer.


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