Owning Your Own Spirit is the Key to Time Management

October 16, 2015


Factory X Academy just wrapped its Rapid Prototyping Product Intensive this week led by J, Tom2 and Satya with interludes of mindfulness, self-care and ops led by Kim & Jessi with nourishment provided by Chef Sophie.

It was our most successful academy to date with a 9.2 user/client score and 9.5 net promoter score! 

Tom wrapped this week's Gratitude & Reflection time sharing his learnings from Steve Chandler on Time Management —

"It's his approach to focus and time management -- and has been a real touchstone for me in terms of learning to be super productive but with a feeling of calm focus. The beauty of all this organizational creativity is that we're constantly pushing and expanding — the counter balance is the quiet skill of focus so we can see to fruition those creative ideas. Being around the Academy teams and their customers is also a great reminder of how quickly we move when we maintain the discipline of being in contact with *our* customers as using their excitement to reward us for what we create a strong signal of how we are serving them."

A few notes below summarizing my learnings from Steve's teaching.

Owners & Victims 

Steve describes these as two energy states or levels of consciousness —
Owner Consciousness = take total responsibility, feel total connection to all living beings, be in total harmony with the way the Universe is flowing.
Victim Consciousness = overwhelmed, swamped, too much to do, not enough time to do them, feel fragmented and fatigued.
He then goes on to explain with stories and examples on how to sustain high levels of productivity with a sense of calm and focus - you can find more of Steve's teachings here.


Time expands to allow us to do the things we want to do.
Have a vibrant weekend!

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